The official NFT access pass to Webacy, the web3 safety platform. Get early access to new Webacy features, pricing privileges, and more.

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ABOUT webacy

Grimmies are a project powered by Webacy - the safety layer for web3. Webacy builds tools and services that protect your crypto wallet through a 3-pronged framework: Assess, Monitor, and Act. Assess the safety score of your wallet, Monitor your wallet's transactions and approvals, and act on threats with a Panic Button.

Welcome to Grimmies, the elite guardians standing strong against scams, hacks, and the shadows of malicious activity in the Web3 universe. These adorable, cartoon-style grim reapers derive their power from Webacy, channeling their energy to safeguard wallets and NFTs across the Web3 ecosystem. Acquiring a Grimmie isn't just about unlocking access to Webacy – it's a ticket to a lifetime of epic perks and privileges in the thrilling Webacy World. Join the ranks of the elite defenders and level up your Web3 security game with Grimmies in your wallet!

What do grimmies offer?

Grimmies sold out in late 2022. Owning a Grimmie is not just a possession; it's an extraordinary responsibility and a coveted privilege. As a Grimmie owner, you're bestowed with six months of complimentary access to Webacy's suite of security tools, empowering you to navigate the Web3 landscape with confidence. But that's not all – Grimmie owners also gain entry into our exclusive Discord channel, where you'll find a community of privacy and security experts, early glimpses into cutting-edge security and product alpha releases, a leaderboard multiplier, and a perpetual invitation to explore what the Webacy universe has to offer.

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Webacy Features

Safety Score

Get a safety reading on your wallet's activity (past and present), as well as your existing approvals.

wallet watch

Monitor your wallet(s) transactions via SMS and/or Email notifications to receive real-time alerts when any transaction or approval occurs.

panic button and backup wallet

Allows a user to panic their assets out of their main wallet (in one click) into an approved backup wallet (a cold wallet) in the event of a hack or compromise.


4,000 NFT PFP access passes to Webacy. Unlimited benefits. Represent safety & security in your wallet.

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Meet the Grimmies


Early Grimmies ('22) were access token with special attributes. All Early Grimmies received special benefits and early access to Webacy features.

  • Same benefits as Popular Grimmies

  • Early access to all new Webacy features

  • First year of Webacy free

  • Access to an exclusive Webacy Discord channel, company alpha, and much more

1,000 total

Free mint (minus gas)

Popular grimmies

Popular Grimmies (today's collection) receive all of the same benefits as Early Grimmies (except for early access).

  • Access to all features of Webacy (except new beta features)

  • First 6 months of Webacy Pro free ($60 value)

1,000 total

0.028 ETH @ mint (minted out)

Unique grimmies

One-of-a-kind Grimmies are hidden throughout our collection, designed for specific special people in our world. If you’re able to collect an entire theme, who knows what might happen!

  • Early access to WebacyCrypto.

    Unique Grimmies have the same features as popular Grimmies, with rarity benefits.

  • Waived first year subscription ($100 value)

  • Waived ETH fee for first approval smart contract (for Will and Backup Wallet).

  • Access to an exclusive Webacy Discord channel, including FREE office hours with Estate Attorneys and Crypto Tax Experts.

<50 total

Some gifted, some minted

friendly grimmies

We are grateful to our supporters and call them Friendlies. Friendlies get the same benefits as Popular Grimmies but are reserved for the company as an allocation that will be distributed over time.

  • Early access to WebacyCrypto.

    Friendly Grimmies are owned by the Webacy company treasury.

  • Waived first year subscription ($100 value)

  • Waived ETH fee for first approval smart contract (for Will and Backup Wallet).

  • Access to an exclusive Webacy Discord channel, including FREE office hours with Estate Attorneys and Crypto Tax Experts.

2,000 total




What is a Grimmie?

A Grimmie is a 1 of 4,000 NFT collection that acts as an access token to the Webacy Pro product for 6-months at no cost.

What is Webacy?

Webacy is a company creating a platform of non-custodial tools and services for a safer web3, primarily protecting your wallet. You can learn more about us here.

How can I get one?

Grimmies has fully minted out! You can get your very own Grimmie from OpenSea. Join our Discord for company updates, stay up to date on notifications, and be a part of the community!

What are the various ownership privileges?

After owning a Grimmie you unlock access to our exclusive Discord channel. Within the #holders-only channel you will find a Typeform to verify ownership and to request your Webacy Pro credit. Upon completion of the Typeform, you will receive a one-time use promo code for six months free to Webacy Pro.

Can I use my Grimmie for commercial use?

The usage of Grimmies are subject to certain terms. GrimmiesNFT grants unlimited use, copy, and display of your owned GrimmiesNFT art for the purpose of creative derivative works based on the owned NFT. This includes for the purposes of: producing and selling merchandise (apparel, printed art, stickers) and usage in print (comics, graphic novels, posters). These terms are extended in good faith and owners are expected to exercise these privileges within good faith and without being harmful to the reputation and validity of the GrimmiesNFT and Webacy brands. GrimmiesNFT and Webacy hold the right to revoke these privileges if they are found to be abused.

What happens if I no longer have my Grimmie?

If you sell, trade, or otherwise no longer have your Grimmie, you will lose access to Webacy Pro. You can still use Webacy for free (starter plan). You will also no longer have access to the Discord #holders-only channel or the perks for holding a Grimmie.

What is next for Webacy and for the Grimmies collection?

Ownership of a Grimmie may also grant you access to future multipliers for the Webacy Leaderboard or additional rewards.