The official access pass to Webacy, the web3 safety platform. Get early access to Webacy, pricing privileges for life, and so much more.

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ABOUT webacy

Grimmies are a project powered by Webacy - the protection layer for self-custody. Webacy builds tools and services that protect your crypto assets for the unexpected - including loss of access, hacks, and even death.

Owning a Grimmie is an immense responsibility and privilege. All owners of Grimmies will have early access to the Webacy product and pricing privileges for life. You can learn more about our product pricing here. They will also have access to our exclusive Discord channel with private experts, security and product alpha, and community access to everything Webacy creates forever.

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Webacy Features

Set Your Plans and Backups

Set your “beneficiaries” for your blockchain assets,
digital accounts, memories, and responsibilities. Also, make sure you never get locked out of your wallet again.

Don’t Panic!

In the event of a hack, security compromise, or concern of one - you can transfer your assets to a backup wallet immediately using Webacy.


It turns out the protector of your web3 wallet is a two foot tall skeleton in a hood who loves to accessorize. The Grimmies are for you to collect, trade, and ponder the inescapable encroachment of death. Grimmies are also the access pass to unlocking the Webacy World and all that comes with it.

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Meet the Grimmies


Early Grimmies are an access token with special attributes. All Early Grimmies receive special benefits and early access to Webacy features.

  • Same benefits as Popular Grimmies

  • Early access to all new Webacy features

  • First year of Webacy free

  • Access to an exclusive Webacy Discord channel, company alpha, and much more

1,000 total

Free mint (minus gas)

Popular grimmies

Popular Grimmies receive all of the same benefits as Early Grimmies (except for early access).

  • Access to all features of Webacy (except new beta features)

  • First year of Webacy free

  • One free update per year per Grimmie (Owning multiple Grimmies grants more free updates per year)

1,000 total

0.028 ETH

Unique grimmies

One-of-a-kind Grimmies are hidden throughout our collection, designed for specific special people in our world. If you’re able to collect an entire theme, who knows what might happen!

  • Early access to WebacyCrypto.

    Unique Grimmies have the same features as popular Grimmies, with some added benefits.

  • Waived first year subscription ($100 value)

  • Waived ETH fee for first approval smart contract (for Will and Backup Wallet).

  • Access to an exclusive Webacy Discord channel, including FREE office hours with Estate Attorneys and Crypto Tax Experts.

<50 total

Some gifted, some minted

friendly grimmies

We are grateful to our supporters and call them Friendlies. Friendlies get the same benefits as Popular Grimmies but are reserved for the company as an allocation that will be distributed over time.

  • Early access to WebacyCrypto.

    Friendly Grimmies have the same features as popular Grimmies.

  • Waived first year subscription ($100 value)

  • Waived ETH fee for first approval smart contract (for Will and Backup Wallet).

  • Access to an exclusive Webacy Discord channel, including FREE office hours with Estate Attorneys and Crypto Tax Experts.

2,000 total




What is a Grimmie?

A Grimmie is a 1 of 4,000 NFT collection that acts as an access token to the Webacy product.

What is Webacy?

Webacy is a company creating a platform of non-custodial tools and services for a safer web3, primarily protecting your wallet. You can learn more about us here.

How can I get one?

Grimmies has fully minted out! You can get your very own Grimmie from OpenSea. Join our Discord for company updates, stay up to date on notifications, and be a part of the community!

What are the various ownership privileges?

Other than an amazing, adorable piece of art (made by our incredible artist, Grace Lee) that you can use as a PFP, the Grimmie acts as an access token to the Webacy product - if you don’t have one, you won’t be able to use Webacy. 

Other privileges include preferred pricing on using Webacy’s tools (you get one free Protection Plan snapshot per year, per Grimmie), early access to our beta tools, access to our Discord with experts, and access to future events and utility. We have a large set of privileges for our owners, with more to come.

Can I use my Grimmie for commercial use?

The usage of Grimmies are subject to certain terms. GrimmiesNFT grants unlimited use, copy, and display of your owned GrimmiesNFT art for the purpose of creative derivative works based on the owned NFT. This includes for the purposes of: producing and selling merchandise (apparel, printed art, stickers) and usage in print (comics, graphic novels, posters). These terms are extended in good faith and owners are expected to exercise these privileges within good faith and without being harmful to the reputation and validity of the GrimmiesNFT and Webacy brands. GrimmiesNFT and Webacy hold the right to revoke these privileges if they are found to be abused.

What happens if I no longer have my Grimmie?

If you sell, trade, or otherwise no longer have your Grimmie, you will lose access to WebacyCrypto while it is still in closed Beta. You will also no longer have any of the perks associated with owning a Grimmie, including special pricing privileges.

What is next for Webacy and for the Grimmies collection?

Ownership of the token may also grant you access to a future rewards pool that is centered around unclaimed assets. More details will be provided over time as this pool becomes bigger.